Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers of frequently asked questions about TomoPool service.

  1. Minimum staking amount is 10 TOMO.
  2. You need to wait 48 hours to withdraw your unstaked TOMO.
  3. To withdraw your unstaked TOMO from pool; go to your pool, click avatar from right top → profile → withdraw and confirm the transaction.
  4. We send your rewards to your wallet everyday at 08:00-08:10 GMT. If you don’t recieve your rewards automatically please pm @khaihkd or send email with your wallet address and pool name.
  5. “Transfer Stake” function is transfer your staked amount to another wallet owner. You can use the function to sell your staking amount to someone or to move it to your another wallet.
  6. This is not TomoChain’s official product, so if there is a UI problem, it’s definitely not related to the chain, none of it related to the products of TomoChain.
  7. Stakers in here are receiving rewards in a decentralized way, no one is controlling their stake. Please check the smart contract code before claiming any thing bad to us.
  8. Yes, sometime there is an issue with showing your stake on the UI, and we knew it is not that perfect, and we are trying hard to fix it. If you have problems, kindly pm @khaihkd or send email
  9. We are full-time employers of TomoChain and we are sacrificing our family time to develop this project in order for stakers to earn more rewards → we all think of stakers.
  10. 15% of pool rewards that we take (from the contract) is right now not enough for us to pay hardware/cloud fees, but we are still running it for the ecosystem, for the stakers.
  11. If you don’t feel confident about the pools, go for TomoMaster, which is the standard staking system and it is running flawlessly because we spend our full-time to develop it.
  12. 50k TOMO stake is candidate deposit on pools. If a pool’s stakes decreased to 50k, nobody can unstake until the pool resign or got more stakes over 50k. In order for 100% decentralization, to resign the pool you stake in, you need to make your vote to resign the pool. If 66% of stakes agree, the pool will be resigned. In case the pool capacity is less than 60k and if nobody makes votes, the pool can be resigned after 10 days.
  13. If 66% of stakers voted for resign, the pool will not be node anymore after 30 days and everybody will be able to unstake their votes. If you want to vote for resign; go to your pool, click OTHER → Vote Resign.